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Bjc My Time Log In

Posted by Bruley Amia on Friday, 7 February, 2020 02:12:12

You can login with your complete email address. You can also login with your Network ID in the format domain\NetworkID Valid domains are CC, RESEDU and CCI. If you don't know which domain you're in, try CC first.

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MyTime is UMW's automated time and attendance system . MyTime Benefits: Single sign-on. Real-time leave balances and electronic leave requests. Automatic calculation of time worked to include overtime. Electronic approval of Timecards. Workflow notifications to remind employees and supervisors to approve Timecards. Employee and supervisor

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The BJC Institute for Learning and Development (BILD) provides many avenues for employees to expand their knowledge, including options to grow BJC My Time Log In BJC For Employees UGA My Time Card Kronos Self Service For Employees Articles & Shopping.

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