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Sage Virtual Terminal

Posted by Brien Allete on Saturday, 8 February, 2020 02:25:49

How do I log in to my Virtual Terminal? Resolution. From your log in page (Sign in page for the Virtual Terminal ), enter your Virtual Terminal ID, username and password, credentials will be emailed to you from Virtual Support if administrator hasn't already created one for you: The VT ID is always a twelve-digit series of numbers.

Our easy to use web-payment solution is the perfect complement to the way you process payments. Virtual Terminal Plus offers the convenience to accept credit, debit, and recurring payment transactions with the advantage of reporting accessibility from any location with an internet connection.

Security is Paya's Priority With the growing problem of data breaches and fraud, your customers trust you with their financial data. Paya's frictionless solutions platform gives merchants confidence that their business, and their customers' data, is secure.

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Sage Virtual Terminal. The Sage Virtual Terminal is a web interface that processes payment transactions when credit card information is manually key entered into the browser. A secure connection is made to transfer card information from the Sage Virtual Terminal to the Sage Gateway for authorization.

A Sage Virtual Terminal lets you process secure debit and credit card payments in a matter of seconds. Learn how your business and customers could benefit.