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Download, install, and configure ThinLinc Client to use

Thinlinc Login

Posted by Boy Adelaide on Tuesday, 25 February, 2020 22:50:32

Please visit the login server instead. Version 4.10.0 (build 6068) on Copyright © Cendio AB 2019Cendio AB 2019

The default setting for ThinLinc is for the client to open in a fullscreen window that fills "all monitors." If you would prefer to work with ThinLinc from its own window, click Options from the initial login interface and then Screen to adjust your settings as desired. The following is an example of a setup that places the ThinLinc client

Install ThinLinc Client on your personal computer as you would any other application. If you need help, refer to the platform-specific installation instructions in Chapter 8 of Cendio's ThinLinc Administrator's Guide. Once ThinLinc Client is installed on your personal computer, launching the application opens the ThinLinc Client login window:

Download the ThinLinc Server Bundle from Cendio after registering with them. If your server has a minimal CentOS/RHEL installation without a GNOME or other desktop, the ThinLinc client login won't have any available desktops. Install GNOME (NOTICE: puts a heavy load on the server) by:

Password: Version 4.11.0 (build 6323) on

Search knowledge: ThinLinc. ITaP Research Computing provides ThinLinc as an alternative to running an X11 server directly on your computer. It allows you to run graphical applications or graphical interactive jobs directly on Rice through a persistent remote graphical desktop session.